Cure a lingering cough

About 2 weeks ago, my hubby came down with the flu.  Sigh!  Something you should know about us is that we don’t go to the doctors unless we are dying and so, as expected, he waited and waited before finally going to see the doctor.  The whole while I was diffusing and keeping the rest of the family free of the flu!  Successfully I might add!

CedarwoodThe cough, however has lingered and it is this annoying chesty cold.  As I said in the very beginning of my blogging, when I notice someone in need of medical assistance, I always consult my handy resource guide and find a fix for it.  I swear, the is an oil for everything!

CEDARWOOD!  I immediately told him (name to be withheld to protect the innocent) to rub a few drops of Cedarwood on his chest.  He can either add it to a carrier oil (olive or coconut oil) or rub it neat onto his chest.  Tada!  It has worked wonders and calms his cough immediately. As a bonus he absolutely loves the smell of Cedarwood and does not mind smelling like a small forest.

Cedarwood … the power to loosen the mucous and clear the lungs.

Who knew?

Now you do!

Become a member and get your own for just $11.25!


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