Troubled by fleas??

I am!  I live out in the country and have four dogs that are being bothered by fleas right now.  For me, the fleas have become immune to Advantage and Front-line and I need something else to try… something with less chemicals.

I immediately googled homemade flea repellent and here is what I found.

1) Add 1 drop citronella or lemongrass to your regular dog shampoo. Use as normal.

2)  Mix together 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 quart water, and 2-3 drops lavender (or cedarwood) in a spray bottle.  Spritz your pet liberally.  Stay clear from his/her face (ear, nose, and eyes)

3) And finally I found Young Living sells a product called RepelAroma.  Put 2-4 drops to your hands and rub them together.  Then rub it all over your pet.  What animal does not love to be rubbed and it is a win win for all involved.  Alternatively, you can add RepelAroma to a spray bottle and spritz your pet’s coat. And finally, as always with Young Living, you can diffuse RepelAroma in your home or small outdoor areas. This blend contains Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo and Tea Tree

Young Living is currently out of stock of RepelAroma (bummer, I know) so you can make your own concoction.

Mix together:
2 drops citronella
2 to 4 drops lemon
2 to 4 drops clary sage
5 to 6 drops peppermint

Put a few drops on the neck, back, chest, legs and tail of your pet. You can also add a few drops to your pet’s collar or add it to 8oz. of shampoo.

So last night I used idea #2 on my Pixie girl.  I washed her and then spritzed her coat with this mixture.  Today her coat is very bright white and I have noticed less scratching.  Yay!  Today I will chase down Tootsie and try idea #1.  My two boys absolutely hate baths and they get out of dodge as soon as they see me pick up the hose pipe.  So, if I can at least rub some oil into their fur, I will be a happy mama.

I am confident that all my fur babies will be feeling much better very soon, and thus so am I.

I will attempt to get a picture for you but I can’t promise.  You will have to check back with me.

Success!! All four bathed and smelling amazing.



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