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Are you asking yourself what’s all the hype about Young Living Essential Oils? Why are you here? Your curiosity into this new trend is what brought you to my page, or you are a really good friend and wanted to support my passion (and I love you for that.)

I started using Young Living Essential Oils about two years ago, and like you, I was apprehensive about using it.  However, after my multiple positive experiences with these oils, I can honestly say that I am in love with Young Living Essential Oils.  I use it for absolutely everything.  I have a hubby and three children and you can ask any one of them when they come to me with an itch, a cut, or any sort of ailment my immediate response is… there is an oil for that.  And there usually is.  I love it so much that I have a diffuser for upstairs, one for downstairs, and one for my office.  I am constantly diffusing thieves and peppermint in the house and at work.  I work at the front desk of a school and I can guarantee you that my lack of illness can only be attributed to my thieves at the front desk.

So, to satisfy your curiosity, I have created multiple documents of information that will explain Young Living to you and help you fall in love with it too.

To get you started, click here for an Oils 101 presentation, shared by Sarah Harnisch’s Gameplan guide.

To listen to the Essential Oils 101 audio class, click here.


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Free Tangerine

Quickly!  Order now through tomorrow (May 31) and you can take advantage of Young Living’s May freebie! Receive a free 15 ml bottle of Tangerine when you purchase the Premium Starter Kit! I have found that Tangerine helps with anxiety.  Rub it between your hands (warm it up) and inhale deep.  Love it!

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